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Small Goods, Big Dreams

Gidday and welcome to the Beard Brothers. We named our business after our three sons who have a hunger for the great outdoors and appetites for great food. Raised in rural Hawke’s Bay, we grew up hunting, gathering and cooking, and with a good understanding of where the food on our table came from. Our vision is to produce the best handcrafted small goods from pure New Zealand ingredients. And to share our craft with Kiwi families around the country.

Using heritage recipes and traditional methods, we make a range of sausages, patties and saveloys the old fashioned way. The result? Bangers, burgers and saveloys the way they’re meant to be – full of flavour. We source our meat from a trusted network of suppliers committed to sourcing from sustainable Kiwi farmers. It’s grass fed, free farmed and it tastes great. The sausage casings we use are natural and that makes a big difference. Better texture, better flavour and to put it simply, sausages that taste like they did when you were a kid.

We don’t cut corners. We keep it real and choose natural wherever we can. That means local produce, pure ingredients, no added MSG and definitely no over-processed or filler meats. The seasonings we source are top quality and we use them sparingly. We keep it simple for taste that packs a punch. So join us; get together and get cooking, and make meals that make memories. Welcome to the Beard Brothers family.

Award Winning Taste

2023 GOLD MEDAL – Inspire+ NZ Artisan Producer of the Year – Old-School Sausage Rolls.
2023 FINALIST – NZ Foodstuffs Awards – Old-School Sausage Rolls.
2022 INNOVATION FINALIST – NZ Foodstuffs Awards.
2021 ARTISAN WINNER – NZ Food Awards.
2020 SILVER MEDAL – The Great NZ Sausage + Pattie Awards.
2019 WINNER – Inspire+ NZ Artisan Awards chilled section Artisan Producer of the Year.
2019 SILVER MEDAL – Old School Saveloy – Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition.
2018/19 RUNNER UP – Cuisine Magazine Producer of the Year.
2017 GOLD MEDAL SAVELOY – New Zealand Sausage Competition.
2017 SIMON GAULT – selected Boudon Noir as best in New Zealand.

Beard Brothers Product Range